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Optimo is the way to go!

I had listed my house with a real estate agent earlier in the year with one verbal offer in 3 months and open homes every Sunday for what felt like an eternity. Optimo was a breath of fresh air. I was informed every step of the way and felt very involved. It was made clear to me from the beginning that this was my house and home and I was the best person to sell it; it made total sense and still does. By making myself and home available at suitable times for both myself and prospective buyers, I was able to answer any questions because I had lived there and knew the answers (unlike agents who are often very vague or give you their best guess or simply don’t know). And of course the visits were not limited to half an hour, people could look for as long or as short as they wanted.

The secret to selling your home that I believe Optimo has cracked is that it’s not that hard AND openness and honesty are key. With a registered valuation on your property as part of the package, both you and prospective buyers know the market value of your property.

By listing with Optimo I achieved my ultimate goal; to sell my house for a good price. Why would you want to give away a sizeable chunk of your sale to an agent when you’re the one that’s invested your time and money in to it and been paying the mortgage!

The service provided through Optimo is like gold. Their only objective is to help YOU sell YOUR house, nothing else. They will guide and support you every step of the way and genuinely share the excitement with you when the sold sign is added to the signage. Optimo is trustworthy, knowledgeable and sincere and is now helping me to find a new home in Palmy; fantastic.

For a little fish in a sea of sharks I sincerely hope that by spreading the word on my very satisfied experience, every prospective home seller will consider Optimo as their first choice when selling their home; we do have options and should consider making informed choices.

All in all, I sincerely believe that Optimo is the way to go!

Trish Orme

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