How to sell your home without a real estate agent.

How to sell my Home privately.
Many home-sellers are looking at the commissions they have to pay on sale of their home and are now thinking, why can’t I sell it myself? After all, if you can get $800,000 selling your home yourself, you have potentially saved about $40,000, which is a significant amount of money in anyone’s terms. The reservation is the thought of selling their own home is scary and believe they have not got the ability to achieve what a so call professional can.That assumption may have been true,… 15 years ago,… but now, with buyers finding their first or next home online, all those preconceived doubts and fears are no longer founded. You can sell your own home, and you can get the best price for it, and you can relieve most of the stress that goes with selling your home by following a few well proven steps.

: Presentation

Nothing resonates with a potential buyer more than your homes first impression. The better something looks the higher the price, so take the time to present your home at its best. There are several websites you can visit that explain what you should focus on.

Pricing your home.

To achieve a successful sale you must price your home correctly, too high and it will not sell, too low you are giving the purchaser a discount at your expense. It is easy to get emotional about one’s own home and factor in those emotions when arriving at a list price. BE CAREFUL, overpricing your home can lead to your home stagnating on the market and eventually selling for a lower price than what would have been achieved if you priced it correctly in the first place. Overpriced homes also help other houses sell when potential buyers compare available housing stock. The best price you will receive is the price, after taking into account what comparable houses have sold for in your area over a specific period of time. You can obtain a free appraisals of your home,by contacting Optimo or from various real estate offices in your area. Make sure the appraisal is provided by a local expert who resides in your area and is active in the industry. A computer generate appraisal without a visit to view from someone in the industry is, in my opinion, not satisfactory. It would be a good investment to acquire a registered valuation from a professional valuer to ensure you are not underselling your home.
Get Help —

Advise your lawyer you are selling your home and that you wish him or her to act on your behalf relating to the transaction. Do not sign anything relating to the sale of your home unless it has first been sighted by your lawyer. This I think is appropriate whether selling privately or through a real estate agent.

Marketing your Home.

I advise my clients to put themselves in a buyer’s position,….if they looking for their next home ,what information would they require to make an informed decision as to whether a particular house fits their needs or not?. Those needs are normally Price, Location, Bedrooms and Emotion¦. how does this particular house make me feel? can I see myself and family living here happily?
A picture says a thousands words, never a truer statement when it comes to real estate, so professional photos, showing your home at its best, are crucial when promoting to market.
The more information you can provide to a prospective buyer the better, this way they can make an informed decision quickly on whether your home is is what they are seeking. Photos, video, floor-plan and script are what can make your home stand out from the competition if done professionally.

Advertise your home.

I know, you will not be able to promote your home in the property press or property weekly as real estate agents do. Well lucky for us your buyer has more the a 97% chance of viewing online rather than via print. I think we are all aware that the print media is not what it was prior to the advent of the internet. OK we have professional photos script etc, how and where do we display. Home buyers visit the internet first, and the major property portal in New Zealand is Trademe, not as many real estate agents might try to convince you, so we promote there in the first instance. There are other websites available to house your floorplans and video. Your buyer has a 40% chance of living within 2km of your home. For this reason a professionally produced for sale sign should be erected outside your home. Social media pages are also recommend to widen your reach to prospective buyers.

The Negotiation — We negotiate sales every day, whether it be a new pair of shoes, groceries, or whatever, the difference is the value and our emotion tie. Here is where its best to let emotions about the property go. At this point, youre selling a house, not your home. It is a product that you wish to sell so you can move on. If you get an offer that you feel is way too low, and I recommend offers are done via email, do not get bent out of shape¦… Take a deep breath and counter offer, your lawyer is always there to help. In my 15 years experience of marketing homes, I have found that if you have priced your home correctly there is very little negotiation on price.

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