Step Four in the Optimo Process to Sell Your Home and Save Money

Once your listing is ready, and you are happy with all aspects of it, your marketing agent will upload it to the following channels:

  • Optimo website,
  • Trade Me, and
  • Social media platforms ie Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

At Optimo, we ensure that your listing covers all the essential information that your potential buyers would be interested in and that it gets the widest exposure. You can reshare the listing on your personal social media channels to get even broader coverage.

Get in contact with Optimo if you would like support with crafting your listing and uploading it to the best channels for visibility. Your marketing agent will help you create a successful online advert for your property to ensure you get the best outcome.

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Our fee includes a professional photo and video shoot of your property. As your listing will be advertised online, making sure your property looks the best visually is extremely important.

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