Listing Description

Step Three in the Optimo Process to Sell Your Home and Save Money

Your marketing agent will carefully write and craft the online listing for your home, including the:

  • wording,
  • photos,
  • video, and
  • design elements.

We are experienced in creating a listing that is targeted at buyers most likely to purchase your home and highlighting your property’s best features. You will receive a draft copy and can make any changes to the listing to craft it to your liking. Once you are happy with it, Optimo will upload it to the online market, and your property sales journey can start.

Our marketing agents are experienced in creating the most appealing listings that showcase your property in the greatest way possible! Contact us now if you need any help with your property listing, and Optimo can sort it out for you!

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Your property is now ready to hit the market! We will list your home on the Optimo website and Trade Me, as we have determined that these channels are the ones where people are first looking for potential homes.

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